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Council Activity Patches 1920-59

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World Jamboree 1967

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District Patches under My Local Area

OA Flaps, OA 2 Piece Sets and OA Jacket Patches and Neckerchiefs
Added paper items to World Jamborees 1988-2011
Added some nice Heart of Ohio CSP items


 Woven Patches category under Miscellaneous Neat Stuff

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Lodge 138
World Jamborees 1967-83
Misc OA Neat Stuff

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Misc Camp Papers under Paper Stuff

Money and Tickets under Paper Stuff


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OA Lodges
OA 2 Piece Sets
OA Jacket Patches & Neckerchiefs
Patrol Medallions

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OA Conclave
Camp Patches
Cub Scouts
Council Patches
1997 JSP
Merit Badges (clear plastic back, green border)

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