White box - 4x6 storage (CASE OF 10 BOXES) (#patchbox4x6)

( Item in stock! )This patch box has been custom made for memorabilia collectors who use zip-lok bags for storing their collections.  Separate sturdy lid can be removed and placed under the box for ease of use.  This size works well for collectors of camp patches, Order of the Arrow patches, and Council Shoulder patches (especially when there are many oversized pocket flaps and csp's in the collection).  

Most standard containers available are just not the right size for the zip-lok bags, so we have produced these heavy weight corrugated cardboard boxes - white outside and tan color inside to satisfy your storage needs. The inside dimensions of this box are 4.5" high x 7" wide x 25.5" long".  This size will allow a 3x6" zip-lok bag (plus the excess flap outside the zip) to fit in the box, and still allow for the use of divider tabs to separate your long rows of items in the box. Very sturdy construction, good for years of use.  Shipped and stored flat, can be quickly folded when needed.  CASE OF 10 BOXES

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